So far Georgina's main artistic interests have been in painting and sketching in various mediums including but not limited to 

  • acrylic paint

  • watercolour (paint, pen & pencil)

  • oil paint

  • ink (liquid, pen & pencil)

  • pastel (chalk & pencil)

  • graphite

  • charcoal

  • colour pencil

  • shellac

She also enjoys creating chain maille and the odd sculptural piece, and photography.

Her choice of subject is often based more on playing with colour, strange mixes of medium or trying some new look or technique rather than exploring any one theme. She has tried most genres but seems to return to more figurative work with the themes of horses, invisible illness and playing with colour.


In the past Georgina studied Mathematics, Physics and Education. She is highly interested in how materials work and interact, and what makes them archival. This interest probably comes from her logical maths/science background and definitely informs her work. Georgina is also a born teacher and has a passion for sharing this knowledge, she firmly believes knowing something as basic as how your paint actually works is essential for every artist.

Karinya Vale is the beautiful property in the Gold Coast hinterland that Georgina calls home. Her studio overlooks the land with her horses wandering about. You are more than welcome to visit the studio and gallery at Karinya Vale to view Georgina’s work. Please call or email to arrange a time.

You can keep up with what Georgina is doing, including photos of new and in-progress work on FaceBook and Instagram

Born 1980

Currently lives and works Northern Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

0408 727 730


Bachelor of Fine Art (painting major, drawing minor)

Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary)

Bachelor of Science with Honours (Mathematics and Physics)


Steve Parish Online Masterclass: Photography a Pathway to Purpose

Know Your Materials Accreditation - Watercolour Fundamentals

Know Your Materials Accreditation - Acrylic Fundamentals

Studied under artists:

  • Mostyn Bramley-Moore

  • Julie Fragar

  • Hadieh Afshani

  • Giselle Luske


2016 Group exhibition, Fine Art graduate exhibition: 'Short List', Queensland College of Art, Southbank, QLD

2014 Solo exhibition, Showcase at Horseland VIP Night, Horseland Underwood, QLD


2015 invited speaker, Border Art Prize After Dark, Gold Coast Art Gallery


I am an artist living and working on the Gold Coast. My collection of work is quite eclectic, with many styles and genres. The main themes are living with chronic illness, loss, isolation and my life with horses. I use many media, chosen depending on style and subject. With a background in science I am highly interested in how the materials I use are made and interact. A lot of my more abstracted works focus on colour interaction and materiality. Other work is figurative or realistic.



Chaos and Mayhem

My two cats, Chaos (ginger) and Mayhem, are brothers that have been with me since early 2013. They are never far away and are often found sleeping in the studio while I work. They also like to help me at times, whether I want their help or not.  


Chaos has been known to walk through palettes. Mayhem is a total thief and steals any small fun looking object regardless of where I put it, I usually realise when I hear him bashing around playing with it. They try to drink my cleaning water too.


They adore the studio and are usually running amok, chewing something, passed out nearby or locked out if they drive me crazy enough.  Luckily neither has been permanently coloured or ruined any work. They just keep me company and entertain me with their antics.