Taught by Georgina who believes in a focus on sound basic knowledge. You will learn the stuff you need to know to make your work last and to increase your skill levels. Just a few of the topics are:

  • how materials actually work

  • basic colour theory

  • creating archival work

  • light and shade for realism

  • health and safety

What you can expect in group lessons:

  • Help and feedback on your work

  • Information relevant to your interests and skill level

  • Short group tutorial

  • Individual work session for majority of lesson

Painting and drawing in all mediums including:

  • Acrylic

  • Oil

  • Watercolour

  • Ink

  • Graphite

  • Charcoal

  • Colour pencil

  • Pastel

Can also help with:

  • Printing

  • Photography

  • Chain maille

  • Other mediums

​Provided at studio:

  • Tables & chairs

  • Easels & palettes

  • Drafting desk

  • A4 etching press

  • Some consumables

  • Limited materials for sale

You need to bring:

  • Materials & surfaces

  • Personal equipment

Short courses

  • Each course will run for a number of weeks on one topic, you can attend the entire course or just some of the weeks.

  • Taught as a group in a more traditional class format.

  • Information sheets and worksheets usually provided.

  • Materials packs usually available (great for trying something new).

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  • Will occasionally organise workshops on weekends. 

  • Run much like short courses with materials, worksheets, etc available.

Advertised on website, social media, and sent to mailing list.

Private lessons

Times variable

  • From $45/hr

  • My studio or can travel

Georgina is available to run workshops and demonstrations at other locations. If interested please contact. 

To attend any lesson or workshop please contact to book in

To view upcoming events visit Eventbrite